10 Questions with Marta Canga

10 Questions with Marta Canga

We had the lovely pleasure of speaking to the gorgeous Marta Canga, a vegan lifestyle blogger who is championing for a more sustainable wardrobe. Marta's blogs cover all things vegan fashion, beauty and delicious vegan food. To find out more about the lady herself, you can check out her website here to find some fantastic blogs on all things vegan.

  1. What are the personal changes you’ve made to shop more sustainably, and do you have any tips on how to do this?

I have spent countless hours on Instagram doing research on ethical, sustainable companies that matched my ethos and style! I have been bookmarking every single brand and have started shopping from them instead of high street retailers. On the other side, I’ve become a lot more conscious of my purchases so if I need a dress for a party, I will first go into a second hand shop and see if I find anything. Or even borrow it from a friend! It’s not always necessary to buy new stuff and I try not to be tempted by discounts!
  1. Who are your favourite vegan fashion, beauty and jewellery brands?

This is a difficult one, I have so so many! In terms of fashion brands I’m a huge fan of Armed Angels, Jan n June and Reformation (though I can’t afford most of what they have there!). Shoes-wise I must say Bourgeois Boheme, Mireia Playa, Minuit Sur Terre and By Blanch. Hand bags I love Colibri, Ashoka Paris and The Lovely Things. Jewellery-wise I always check out Sacet, Gisel B and Or Du Monde for sustainable options. Feel free to check out my blog for even more beautiful brands !
  1. What item in your wardrobe do you wear the most?

Probably my black jeans – I have three pairs! They go with everything – whether it’s with a white t-shirt or with a nice blouse and a blazer, they are the piece I feel most comfortable in. My favourite ones are the Inga Jeans by Armed Angels! Not too stretchy and quite high waisted, just perfect.,

  1. What vegan garments do you find the most difficult to source? E.g. Footwear, underwear, jackets etc

Coats by far! Why does everything have to have wool in it? I hope more companies will start tackling this issue, especially when it’s cold!
  1. Where is your favourite vegan place to eat in the UK and what’s your favourite dish?

Uuuuuuh this SO tough. I must say I have been literally obsessed with the vegan Plant Burger from Honest Burgers for the past couple of months. Vurger Co make delicious burgers too! In terms of my favourite dish – it’s my avocado pesto pasta. Recipe is on my channel. So yum!
  1. What 3 items in your make-up bag could you not live without?

My Madara City CC Cream, my Zao Makeup Black Structuring Mascara and Ilia Lipstick Crayon in Dress You Up. This couldn’t be more me!
  1. What skincare product do you swear by?

Too many… ! I really recommend you go to the Le Fix Salon in London for a skin consultation and offering vegan, organic and toxic-free products. But if there is one product that I have been loving for ages is the Ursa Major Golden Hour Recovery cream. Absolute gem that I discovered via my Petit Vour subscription.
  1. Congratulations on recently getting married! Did you find it difficult finding a wedding dress and shoes and where did you get these from in the end?

Ohhh thank you! I decided to design my own dress, pick my own fabrics and have a good friend of mine make it for me, to ensure it was silk-free and ethically made. Shoes-wise, I had the wonderful team at Blanlac make my shoes bespoke just in time for the wedding. They were so perfect together! But if you are looking for sustainable, vegan dresses, check out Sanyukta Shrestha, she has some really beautiful things!

  1. When shopping for vegan clothing, what do shoppers need to look out for?

I don’t think people notice those small particles that are hidden in their garments, e.g. angora, mohair, wool, silk, or even that leather tag from the jeans! It’s not easy but I suggest looking for independent clothing brands that offer ethical working conditions to their workers and sustainable practices, you can sometimes even shop via the ‘vegan’ label!
  1. And finally, in your own words - what do you think people can expect to get the most out of attending a Bare Fashion event and what did you enjoy the most when you attended in August?

Personally I was just looking for a Fashion Show I could attend where I could enjoy a beautiful event without any of the cruelty! I also think it’s a wonderful initiative to gather people that have similar interests, so eventually a place to network and also meet new friends! What I liked most was trying to identify where the pieces were from, and going to the website shortly after to find out where the pinatex gold jacket was from! I can’t to go next year again to find more and more brands and meet new faces.

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