About Bare

Bare Fashion + Rebekah Roy

Why Bare Fashion?

I wanted to do something that I believed in, something that was good. We live in a world of fast and ugly fashion and I didn't want to be a part of that world. I have worked in the fashion industry for almost 20 years, working with celebrities, styling fashion shows, giving workshops on creativity and creative directing photoshoots and campaigns. I've been fortunate to have worked all over the world from London to Paris to Riyadh to Lagos. I love my job and I love working with designers, I wanted to be part of and create something positive.

During lockdown, like many of us, my life was on pause and I asked myself what is it that I really enjoy doing? I love fashion, I love living a healthy lifestyle and I loved curating Bare Fashion– London’s first vegan fashion show.

Bare Fashion was such a worthwhile event. Every aspect of it was special from working with fashion designers, learning about new fabrics, curating pieces that our customers loved all while enjoying vegan ice cream! Bare was all about building a community. So how could I get this feeling everyday and build a community? Sometimes we have to create our opportunities so after serious negotiations and fundraising, I bought Bare Fashion and here we are!

As a passionate vegan and creative director, I wanted to share with you the best of vegan and sustainable fashion and beauty. So the next step was to create The Bare Store and work with a carefully curated selection of innovative independent designers who are passionate about their brand and share the same ethos. I love design and fashion - why couldn't vegan fashion be fashionable? I knew it didn't have to be about basics - we all like to have some good staple items in our wardrobe but couldn't we have interesting unique forever pieces that suit our personal style and make a big or subtle statements?

As a judge at Graduate Fashion Week I was given a wonderful insider view into how fashion was changing. In 2018 there were so many students whose graduate collections were sustainable that we had to create a special catwalk show just to feature their work. The next year, sustainability was a natural part of the ethos for so many designers that we didn't require a separate show. With this new, young generation, there was an obvious shift––vegan and sustainable fashion were becoming normal.

Sharing interviews, fashion and lifestyle tips, and beautifully-shot editorials are important to the Bare Fashion overall experience, so I've created The Bare Magazine.

In the future, we will have Bare Fashion events from roundtables and pop-up shops to catwalk shows––stay tuned!