60 seconds with Tim Shieff

60 seconds with Tim Shieff

World Champion Freerunner, vegan activist and founder of the ethical, vegan clothing company ETHCS - is there anything that Tim Shieff can't accomplish?

With his urban and ethical streetwear clothing line ETHCS joining us at Bare Fashion, we thought we'd take a minute to speak to the man himself about his company, being vegan and his incredible career as a Freerunner.
  1. Why did you start ETHCS?
I originally started ETHCS to create a vegan fashion brand that was a little more subtle and clever with the messaging then all those I'd seen previous which could be quite aggressive and I didn't want to wear any of them.
  1. Who is/are your favourite vegan designers/brands?
Besides from ETHCS (self love right?) I really like Wills Shoes and think he does great work.
  1. In 3 words, why be vegan?
Less impact man.
  1. What has been your biggest achievement in both your sporting and business career?
Sporting would be winning the World Freerunning Championships or becoming Last Man Standing in Ninja Warrior Business, great question.. visiting the factories that produce our clothing and seeing first hand how on it with ethics they are!
  1. What/who is your favourite album/artist?
Favourite Artist so tough to say, I guess I would have to say Drake. I have been on him since 2009 "So Far Gone" mixtape days. Tip for the future though watch out for Jaden Smith.
  1. Where is your favourite vegan place to eat and what’s your favourite vegan dish?
There's no favourites but lets say "Kats Kitchen of Keswick" because of how awesome Kat is and that its situated in my favourite Town in the UK right in the heart of the Lake District, go visit!
  1. And finally, what do you like most about Bare fashion?
That they are putting on Londons first ever Vegan Fashion Show! In years we will look back on it as a milestone for London, Fashon and for Veganism!

If you agree with Tim and would like to come along and be a part of Bare Fashion and get a first hand look at ETHCS insanely comfortable clothes, you can grab your tickets here and secure your place at Bare Fashion.

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