Can PETA find a viable alternative to wool?

Can PETA find a viable alternative to wool?

While wool may be cosy, it’s not the kindest option. Sheep on wool farms aren’t always looked after, plus it’s not sustainable either as like cows, sheep release a lot of methane into the atmosphere and need lots of land for farming.

So, what’s the alternative?

This is what PETA is hoping to find with its Vegan Wool Challenge Award. It’s hoped that through it a vegan wool alternative can be found that is not only visually and texturally like sheep’s wool, but also has the same functionality. And whoever comes up with this material, will win a $1m (£860,500) prize!

Over the years, there have been numerous synthetic fabrics created, such as include Tencel or Lyocell, which is made from wood cellulose, and woocoa, which is coconut and hemp fibre.

There’s also a vegan variant on cashmere - soybean cashmere – which feels like silk but offers the warmth of cashmere, minus the nasty side effects.  However, none have quite nailed the look, feel and warmth that wool provides.

If you want to enter the challenge, you’ve got until 2023 to enter – good luck!



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