Ecoalf launch shoes made from recycled plastic bottles

Ecoalf launch shoes made from recycled plastic bottles

Whatever your opinions on 2019, there's no denying that it's been a wonderful year for environmentally conscious footwear fanatics. From big brands like Sainsbury's and Dr Martens, to lavish designers, to small startups, it seems like everyone is trying to throw their hat into the vegan fashion ring.

However, Spanish company Ecoalf have been in the game a while now - ten long years to be exact. They've become widely known for their sweatshirts, coats and sleek vegan yoga wear. Now they're putting their best foot forward with Monster Sneakers: a brand new, 100% vegan sneaker.

As a company that prides themselves on sustainable design, Ecoalf have pledged only to use renewable resources in their products. These new shoes are no exception. They're made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and sorona - a high-performance fiber made from annually renewable plant-based ingredients. Even the soles are made of recycled rubber.

Due to the careful selection of materials used in the design, Monster Sneakers are breathable and comfortable to wear, as well as being both water resistant and water repellent.

Since setting up shop a decade ago, Ecoalf have recycled over 200 million plastic bottles. In their mission statement as a company, they state that 'using wasted resources as a raw material allows reduction of the consumption of natural resources... In the majority of processes, Ecoalf also use mechanical recycling - the most sustainable form of recycling. In terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, the production of a recycled material thread has a much lower impact than conventional recycling'.

Because of their environmentally sound practises, Ecoalf have become the first fashion brand in Spain to be accepted into B Corp - an alliance of companies renowned for their commitment to both the people and the planet.

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