Are you sleeping well?

Are you sleeping well?

Sleep is important, we spend about 229,961 hours in our lifetime or basically one third of our life in bed.

A good nights sleep matters. If you're one of those people who says I only need 4 hours sleep and pride yourself on that, it's worth reading Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams by Matthew Walker.

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Bhumi in Sanskrit means “Mother Earth”.  Bhumi is an Australian family-owned business found by Vinita and Dushyant Baravkar. The company, launch in 2015 and their goal is to be as sensitive to the earth as possible. Vinita and Dushyant want to provide sustainable luxury to the consumer. By being transparent from seed to shelf, they can do this. They allow anyone to look at their entire process, whether it is from a product perspective or a social justice perspective or anything in between. Bhumi attempts to go back to the roots by using traditional textile craftsmanship. Sustainable design is also used to work on the finer details of the process. They look at the length of the cotton, the quality of the threads, as well as the type of dye that they use.

At Bhum every purchase must have a positive impact on the environment. Bhumi aims to avoid emissions at all costs. By using organic farming techniques, they have reduced the greenhouse gas emissions by 52%! By using organic cotton, they use 90% less water than regular cotton. They also do not use pesticides, do not use child labor, and employ more women across the supply chain.

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They use certified organic. There are no genetically modified seeds, no toxic dyes, as well as no pesticides used to make the most sustainable product possible. To preserve the health of the soil they use the crops are rotated to put nutrients back into the earth. The water is maintained more effectively due to the health of the soil. And last but not least, less energy is used.

We also love a cup of chamomile tea before bed. Sleep Well!


Written by Thomas Campbell

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