Pangaia launches vegan puffer jackets stuffed with wildflowers

vegan puffer jackets

This winter is set to be one of the coldest on record, so a good puffer jacket is a fashion essential. However, it can be hard for vegans to find sustainable and cruelty-free jackets that aren't stuffed with duck or goose down. Ethical fashion brand Pangaia are now setting out to change that with their new, eco-puffer alternative - FLWRDWN. Instead of being insulated with harmful goose and duck down, it's sleeves and body are instead stuffed with natural dried wildflowers. The coats and their insulation are 100% vegan as well as being biodegradable, hypoallergenic and completely cruelty-free. With ten years of extensive research under their belt, Pangaia are confident they've picked not only the best insulator for their design, but also the most sustainable and renewable resource: flowers have only been selected “from areas which contribute to habitat restoration”, and the company have even lent a helping hand in conserving local species of butterflies. Long navy vegan puffer coat Chief Innovation Officerm Amanda Parkes, PhD, told the Evening Standard: “The launch of FLWRDWN exemplifies Pangaia’s overall brand philosophy of ‘high tech naturalism’ where the future of creating a sustainable fashion industry involves using existing natural materials, like agricultural waste, that are augmented by scientific and technology processes.” “We are working towards other new innovations in this realm to bring an entirely new material library into commercial reality,” she continued. The hooded puffer jackets are made in a stylish and classic silhouette, available in two different lengths. The shorter jacket, which is priced at £445, is available in black and off-white, while the longer £625 version is available in navy blue. The longer jacket also has removable sleeves and you can also adjust the length of. The puffers are available from their online store, along with other eco-focused fashion developments, including T-shirts made from seaweed fibre and dyed with botanicals, alongside recycled cotton leisurewear.

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