Revenge - Get the Boot - Vegan Boots!

Revenge - Get the Boot - Vegan Boots!

Humans Are Vain is a premium Swedish brand that makes 100% Vegan Footwear using recycled and sustainable materials. Their nylon is made from up-cycled PET, an OEKO-TEX certified material made from corn fibre and recycled PET and a warm Borg style lining made from recycled PET. 

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They focus on using materials made from plastic trash salvaged from the ocean in collaboration with The SEAQUAL Initiative, as well as making sure that all products are 100% vegan. They also operate a circular economy, so any unwanted items returned are recycled into new HAV products.

All their products are made in Chris Margetts' small family run factory in North Portugal - he's a Brit living in Sweden where everything is designed and engineered. Chris sounds like a really nice guy - we haven't met him but he share's a lot of our values - "Always be transparent and honest offering as much information about our products as possible to our customer.

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