Seeing Red: How To Wear Red This Season

Seeing Red: How To Wear Red This Season

Ditch the neutrals and go for colour!  Red has been trending for a few seasons and it's time to embrace it. Why wear red? 

Red is a directional, powerful and passionate colour. Colour influences our mood, explains Colour Specialist and Personal Stylist Abbey Booth"It is scientifically proven that colour will boost your mood and reduce anxiety which can completely change your outlook and mindset. This is especially useful if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder - look to bright tones to create energy such as yellow, orange and red." 

The easiest way to add a new colour to your wardrobe is with accessories try a red handbag, belt or shoes. We love this luxury handmade headpiece in red fake fur - it's a simple way to make a bold statement. Feeling passionate wear a red dress to your next holiday party. Be passionate and powerful. Red isn't a colour to shy away from and it's a colour we can wear again and again.

We believe in rewearing a garment as many times as possible, style it down and wear it again to the office with your docs and vegan leather jacket. Most looks can be styled up for an occasion but can be easily dressed down for a multitude of every day looks.

Vegan fashion designer Sarah Regensburger on why red is important to her: "Red is the colour of power, of being fierce, to fight for your rights and to not being scared of stepping into the unknown. Red like the fire powerful and fiercely."

Red is the oldest colour... It is the most primary of primary colours – the very blood in our veins is red. Brides at a Roman wedding wore a red shawl, called a flammuem.  Red was the colour of blood – but blood was a symbol not just of death, but of life – of fertility and love. - The Guardian

red vegan coat

Red Is the colour of danger, power, seduction, it's more than a trend it's a classic that keeps coming back. You can wear red at any age.

Red Faux Fur Headpiece

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