Topshop has launched its first vegan shoe collection

topshop vegan shoe collection

Global fashion giant Topshop has just launched its first completely vegan shoe collection. topshop vegan shoe collection Major fashion retailer Topshop, which has roughly 500 stores worldwide, has just launched its first 100% vegan shoe collection. The new 12-piece range features six styles of sandals that are available in two different colours and has been approved by animal rights organisation People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

To ensure the shoes are completely vegan, the company has made the shoes from non-animal and non-fish glue to make them 100 per cent vegan-friendly. The shoes will also come packaged in boxes made using vegan materials.

The stylish sandals will retail between £42 to £59 making them an affordable option for the fashion conscious consumer.

topshop vegan shoe collection

Hinting that the range is only the start of the company's venture into the world of vegan fashion, with Topshop’s fashion director, Maddy Evans commenting: “We are really excited to be launching our first vegan collection this April. Initially, we’re focusing on footwear and introducing six new styles that are produced alongside our premium shoe lines in Spain.

“We can’t wait to see how shoppers respond to the design-led collection and how far we can push vegan products across our accessories offering.”

Topshop joins other high-street retailers such as Marks & Spencer in launching affordable vegan shoe collections. Earlier this year, Marks & Spencer launched its first ever vegan shoe range featuring over 350 affordable designs after the recent success of the launch of its new dedicated vegan food range.

Topshop’s new vegan shoe collection will launch in selected stores globally in stores and online from 10 April.

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