UK brand launch vegan bags made from reinforced paper

UK brand launch vegan bags made from reinforced paper

When a brand looks to use sustainably sourced materials, sometimes they have to think outside the box. Or think about what the box is made of and then use that instead. That's exactly what UK based vegan brand Kula decided to do with their stylish collection of bags and backpacks. Registered with the Vegan Society, the UK based brand use a unique and environmentally friendly reinforced paper material across their entire collection. The main body of each bag is crafted using a reinforced paper material called “Texon Vogue”, which has been accredited by both the Forestry Stewardship Council and Oeko-Tex, professional bodies which ensure that the material is responsibly sourced and produced. The material is not only washable and water resistant but is also as strong and as durable as canvas. The concept behind the collection, which features five bags including backpacks and shoppers, is to provide unique vegan alternatives to everyday bags. Each Kula Bag is designed to be practical and stylish whilst also being environmentally friendly. Check out the debut collection below.

The Debut Collection:

The Salford Backpack

This refined city backpack features a roomy interior and a bulky front pocket to store your personal items designed to remove the hassle from your workdays.

The Castlefield Backpack

This lightweight backpack is generously proportioned with wide pockets and flat design making it easy to store and perfect for travel. Together with a spacious interior, it’s perfect for your next adventure.

The Bridgewater Backpack

This easy everyday backpack brings together classic and modern design with inspiration from the traditional American “grocery” bag. Extremely versatile, it will quickly become and everyday go-to.

The Smithfield Shopper

This off-duty weekend bag features a simple design with a zip fastening and internal zip pocket to carry all your essentials.

The Whitworth Backpack

This minimalist design is the ideal choice for days/nights out in the city. With a zipped pocket seamlessly built into the front and a main section to store personal items, you’ll have everything you need no matter where the day takes you.

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