Vans launches vegan shoe range to raise awareness of endangered species

vans vegan shoes for endangered animals

WildAid has partnered with Vault by Vans and legendary artist Ralph Steadman to raise awareness about animal endangerment and extinction. vans vegan shoes for endangered animals Skatewear company Vans has teamed up with WildAid to raise awareness about animal endangerment and extinction by creating a range of eye-catching shoes featuring artwork legendary artist Ralph Steadman. The shoes and T-shirts in the range feature illustrations from “Gonzovationists” Ralph Steadman and Ceri Levy’s published books, Extinct Boids, Nextinction, and Critical Critters, as an artful and expressive way of bringing awareness and attention to threatened species. There are eight stylish shoe designs to choose from featuring zebra, lion, bee, frog, fish, orangutan, whale and frog designs to bring awareness to the plight of these endangered animals. vans vegan shoes for endangered animals The products are made using sustainable materials including organic cotton, FSC certified wood skateboard decks and are shipped in packaging made from 100% recycled materials. In addition to encouraging contributions through a donation-inspired exhibition, Vans will donate $10,000 towards WildAid to provide crucial support to end the illegal wildlife trade in our lifetimes, deliver comprehensive marine protection and reduce our collective environmental impact. “We hope these vivid depictions of the world’s most imperilled species can help inspire the change we need to save them,” said WildAid CEO Peter Knights.

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Image credit: Vans

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