Wear Your Greens!

Wear Your Greens!

Green is trending right now. We're seeing it on all the SS22 catwalks this season and it's a strong accessible trend. Trends don't just happen by accident. After everything we've gone thought with Covid we need a dose of optimism and green can give us optimism. Colour is powerful and wearing green can influence how you feel and how others around you feel.

Wearing green creates a feeling of calm and can reduce stress and anxiety. It's a powerful colour with a very special energy. It represents nature, our earth and plants and it’s also the colour of health representing life. It's a great colour for great for important meetings, interviews or when every you need a bit more strength.

wild flowers

Plus it's an easy colour to mix into your wardrobe - it works well with blacks and blues. Look to nature for great colour combinations - you'll be surprised - some of it's so obvious when you look at flowers. Green plus pink, yellows or purples work so well together, have fun and get your greens!

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