Why Should I buy a Vegan Bag?

Why Should I buy a Vegan Bag?

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Why buy a vegan bag and what is vegan leather?

We need bags to carry all our stuff. It might be a backpack for your laptop or an everyday bag for your keys and purse, in general we just like and need to carry things around. There is something practical but also comforting about taking a few of our favourite things where ever we go.

There are lots of option to animal leather. Even if we don't like to think about it we know we shouldn't use animal leather. You're probably heard of polyurethane as a common vegan leather, but you may not have heard of these innovative materials yet! Over the next decade we are going to see these new yet familiar fabrics more and more. 

It might sound like a salad bar - mushrooms, apples, mulberry tree leaves, and pineapple, but don't for get that cotton and linen are from plants too.

mushroom, mushroom leather

Mushroom Leather was first patented by MycoWorks and Ecovative Design in 2015. Mushrooms are made out of this root-like structure called mycelium. When the mushrooms are grown on certain materials such as sawdust, they form a thick layer of roots that, when treated, resembles leather.

Zoa is biofabricated material created by New Jersey-based Modern Meadow, Zoa is made with a bioengineered form of yeast. One of the steps in the production process is similar to brewing beer. 

Zi™ is a material tia an abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and durable, providing long-lasting performance. Zi also retains its shape and resists creasing for maximum comfort on the move.

Teak leaves are durable and water-resistant, teak leaf leather is made from sustainably harvested leaves that are mended with fabric. The result is a new layered material that is not only cruelty free but also unique.

Cactus Leather Invented byAdrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, two Mexican entrepreneurs, nopal cactus leather is easy to clean and can last for 10 years. 

Piñatex is made from pineapple leaves, Piñatex has been used to make luxury purses and shoes. The leaves are a byproduct of harvesting the fruit, farmers get an additional source of income.

MulbTex is another new vegan material, created from the paper pulp of mulberry tree leaves.  The fabricis a cotton base coasted with mulberry leaf pulp making it very soft and strong.

Apple Leather comes from waste from the juicing industry. This biodegradable, animal free material is made by drying and grinding discarded apple skins and cores.

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