Bare Believes

What do we believe?

Since 2018 Bare Fashion has championed the very best of vegan fashion and beauty. We are the UK’s first Vegan catwalk show and we might even be the world’s first multi-brand vegan catwalk show with vegan models!

We choose and celebrate exceptional fashion and beauty products that are vegan, consciously crafted and mindful. We wanted to change the perception of what a vegan and sustainable lifestyle is and how you don’t need to compromise on style and design when wearing vegan and sustainable pieces. 

We believe in living a kind, inclusive and cruelty free life.

We want to champion and celebrate about the very best of vegan fashion and beauty at all our events, catwalk shows and at the Bare Store. Bare is about connectivity and collaboration. We aim to be the leading global retailer for independent, vegan and unique brands.

If you have something you want us to shout about please contact us!