Bare Fashion Celebrating Top Vegan Bloggers

Bare Fashion Celebrating Top Vegan Bloggers

TOP VEGAN BLOGGERS Let’s delve Into the world of future fashion! Bloggers/Influencer Culture and Green Fashion. These two entities can be pushed forward to create something much bigger than just fashion. In recent times, we’ve seen a boost of hyper awareness where fashion shoppers are more eager to learn about the origin of the clothes on their backs. Now that that segment statistics has risen, let’s discuss some bloggers and influencers pushing forward the new and improved fashion. We are now told to shop Green but why? The answer is not that far fetched, it's simply because why not. This is fashion that preserves the earth all whilst keeping us quite on trend. Now let's meet some of Bare Fashion's favourite bloggers changing the game, this should be fun...


TEDI SARAH  @tedisarah

 A plant-based, cruelty free beauty enthusiast is doing a fine job synergizing the world of veganism. With a strong following of 32.4k Tedi has captured the attention of her followers by showing us the lifestyle of a vegan digital creator centred in New York City. The NY based creator has partnered with a range of brands that share the same ethos, From Wellness brands such as Mindbody to food companies like Monty's plant-based essentials, and then launching her own vegan shoe online store, Tedi has shown us how eye-catching the minimalist vegan lifestyle can be.

MARTA CANGA  @martacanga

Another earthy blogger based in London, and supporter of Bare Fashion from the star. Marta manifests her love for sustainability and veganism by creating palette watering plant based recipes. With her 22.2k followers, Marta is consistently speaking truth into her vegan lifestyle by repping herself whether it be through vegan dishes or vegan skincare. After working with UK leading brands like Alpro and Crackd, Marta is doing what needs to be done by reviewing what these vegan brands have to offer, therefore paving the way for the future of a healthier lifestyle. She has now also created a community via her personal brand @martacangaskin sharing vegan skincare hacks and teaching us about the best products vegan skincare has to offer. All hail Marta !


Valeria Hinojosa [@waterthruskin]

Ethereal vegan goddess,Valeria Hinojosa has eloquently showed off her whimsical lifestyle through her website and instagram account. From daily posts of outfit inspo, vegan meals, sustainable practices and lets not forget her boo, we can confidently say Valeria is living her best life. Based in Miami, Florida, born and raised in Bolivia she has managed to pull 181,000 followers sharing with us just how to live green in style. She makes it look easy and seamlessly mesmerises us with her content. Her website, in which she features the designers of her breathtaking outfits and talks on fitness, has given us easy access into her ever so fascinating life and made way for us to shop green with style guides at our fingertips. Having earned a blue tick on social media, Hinojosa has set a very high standard to follow and truly, it is only up from here.

 CHLOE MIKOLAJCZAK @thegreenmonki

Chloe is also founder of eco-friendly non-profit organization @thegreenseedsproject has pioneered a movement. Based in Belgium, through her blog, she shares her think pieces on fast fashion, how to remain sustainable post Covid-19 and how she maintains a vegan friendly lifestyle being an activist and advises on the perfect vegan brands to support during protests. Pulling a subtle 9.5k followers, she remains influencing a large crowd on a better living. Lest we forget, Chloe also makes eco-friendly travel wear for she, her fellow bloggers and loyal followers. Her website compiles all these juicy spills in more depth, she is one to hear out.


NOA BEN-MOSHE @style.withasmile

STYLE WITH A SMILE Vegan Fashion Writer, Noa Ben-Moshe, based in Hanover Germany is one very vibrant fashion blogger. Exuding positive energy from her posts alone, it is obvious the role sustainability plays in her life and where her passion lays. Award winning writer has managed to pull 17.8k followers in just 5 years and keeps setting the bar higher. Noa manifests her love for everything green into her travel sprees and outfits. Former model and #1 Vegan blog award recipient is one to follow; Noa launched her own personal line @stylewithasmile where she designs sustainable clothes according to her style and the best part of it, models it. After designing a vegan friendly bag for big brand Nuuwai, it is evident that Noa will keep us on our toes and will be a powerful reference in the future of vegan fashion.

Written by Seyi Ola

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