Run a Mile in our Top 5 Vegan Trainers

Run a Mile in our Top 5 Vegan Trainers

Shoes are cool but Vegan shoes are way cooler, so let's dissect that for a second here. There has been a decline in the number of wearers of sneakers compared to 3 years ago and the later when people actually had more places to go, because of course lockdowns limited movements, people steered towards getting more comfortable shoes like clogs and slides. The world is slowly opening back up, in some parts faster than others, and as we begin to hammer the streets with our footprints it is only right we do it the right way, the vegan way. So who are our top favourite vegan trainer?  

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SAYE One of the most organic sneakers ever made, Saye, based in Felgueiras Portugal, is a vegan shoe company making shoes from recycled corn and bamboo, providing their audience with a range of different color options and have been doing so since as early as 2018. They checked a few boxes already, Saye pushes for the idea of Reforestation and so has embedded that cause into her business. For every pair of Saye trainers bought, 2 trees are planted in designated regions across the globe achieving this with collaboration with NGO, WeForest. So far Saye has planted close to 159,000 trees worldwide and they do not have plans on stopping. Always on the search for innovative processes to reduce environmental impact to preserve the earth and quite importantly, our skin. The Modelo ‘89 shoe collection has a very classic style and silhouette that can be casual but can also get semi formal very quick. Okay versatility! The company connects with people on many layers by simply using sneakers as a medium for change.



Easy to wear comfort driven shoes I’m pretty sure this isn't your first time seeing these vegan shoes, they've quickly become most mom's favourite. Best for grocery runs, school meetings for the kids or a quick flea market splurge, the shoes serve all needs. Coming in different colours too, it doesn't matter the occasion, the shoes have been designed to be seasonless and timeless. And with just 25 styles since the launch of Veja in ‘05 , each style has been eye-catching to say the least. vegan trainers, tan, RUNNER STYLE, VEJA

The vegan sneakers comprise of a tech lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles developed to acquire a greater resistance force all thanks to the mesh cushion it forms, with insoles made from recycled sugar cane and outsoles from recycled rice waste, the materials employed at each step of the shoes facilitates its comfort and protections against reverberations. The brand also features a sub collection with design collaboration with Rick Owens, the collection highlights slick silhouettes, both natural and bright colour ways with a casual style. They equally have a fantastic code of conduct and adequate supply chain starting from before the shoes are made to when the shoes are in our hands. Almost mind blowing.

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Roscomar RV3

More on the pricey side but maintaining premium quality, the RV3 knit shoes should be a staple in your closet. The perfect work shoes styled quite formally, what can I say, it is corporate eye candy. The birth of RV3’s is from the collision of recycled sugarcane and plastic creating naturally breathable sneakers. With gas emissions per sneakers dancing around half the industry average sneaker footprint bringing it to 6.5kg (with plans on getting to zero) , clearly these guys are thinking in future tense. They also plays by the rule of returning your RV3’s after its lifespan to recycle yet again; brilliant strategy. The shoes have a pointed detailing that would be styled perfectly with almost any approach, and lets not forget the comfort level, the shoes comprise of 78 percent plant based tencel (lyocell fibers) advocating for a supportive arch completely blister free. 

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Ecoalf’s slogan- “Because there is no Planet B” tells us all we need to know about their thought process. They focus on preserving the earth, our earth, through its foundation Spanish B-Corp, Ecoalf has been able to collect over 500 tonnes of waste from the bottom of the ocean, and have recycled over 120 million of them. They don't just stop there as they actually also develop fabrics into top notch quality. All rounder if you ask me. Well back to the shoes, Ecoalf trainers feature cushioned heel support, light soles with a 90’s silhouette and its slogan plastered across the heel, seems like a win to me!

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UX-68 Made from high levels of recycled materials based in Portugal, designed in Spain, the UX-68 features removable insoles so the wearer is in control of the cushioning of the insoles. Comfort and support orientated, the chunky style of the shoes aims just that. The process of making a pair of UX-68’s uses way less materials. For example, they use 47.3 percent less water and 79.1 percent less phosphate in production. So here, they aren't only focused on the usage of recycled or plant based materials, but the portion control aspect highly exists. I’ll say colourways are quite a crucial part of the buying decisions when examining a pair of shoes, we’ve surveyed a few options solid colour trainers until I realised the colourways of the UX-68’s might actually just be the best. With white being the base colour of some with a splash of blue, dark brown and black, it gives it such a bold look, less I forget the monochromatic versions also are a hit, actually these may just be my next buy!

Written by Seyi Ola